Though a traveling photographer by day Corey keeps his music career close to home.  A true local artist, he has for years continued to write, record, and perform consistently in and around the Birmingham area. House shows and intimate venues continue to provide opportunities for Corey to share his songs and stories.  As a good friend once put it, Corey “listens to life” and frames the love, heartbreak, hope, and pain of this life in thoughtful melodies.

In the winter of 2017 he was named a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition and in the spring of 2015 he was awarded first place in the statewide, “Make Music Alabama” songwriting competition hosted by the Alys Stephens Center.  A prolific writer, he is always bringing new songs to the stage, whether it be a traditional venue, intimate house show, or festival.  In 2016 alone Corey released 2 separate studio EP’s as well as a collection of live songs from a festival performance.

For general questions please email info@coreynolenmusic.com